My Weather Blog

Hi, and welcome to my Weather blog.
Here I’ll write about what you see a lot of data about in the rest of the site – the weather in North Tenerife, Spain, and related subjects.

I’ll be surprised if any significant number of people will ever be interested in what I write; I’m just a part time weather buff, and an infrequent writer.
To the left you find the blog posts I have made, so far.

In this blog I occationally refer to my weather station, from which the data on the main site comes.
The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus, where the “Plus” indicates the station is equipped with extra sensors for UV Index and Solar Radiation – which are good to know here on (usually) sunny Tenerife.
You can see the current and historical data from this weather station here on my weather site, and at Weather Underground.

Davis Vantag Pro2 Plus (Wireless) Anemometer
The actual weather station. The Anemometer is on the top of the roof.
(Yes, I know the chimney needs painting!)

Aside from the weather staion itself, I also have a couple of “Weather” cameras, recording the weather each day.  One camera, aimed toward mount Teide (which is in fact a dormant volcano), records the weather from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset each day, taking one picture each minute.
Another camera, aimed out towards the Atlantic ocean, records the sunsets each day. Most days the sunsets are “normal”, but sometimes they are quite spectacular.
The recordings are published in my YouTube channel, and select recordings also published here in my blog.

Here is the current pictures from my Weather Cameras:
(Constantly updated during daylight hours. See caption in picture for picture date.) If you click on a picture you can see it in full size.

Towards Mount Teide:

Towards the Sunset point: