Weather, Videos, Wunderground, and our YouTube channel

I haven’t posted anything for a few days; No new videos or anything. Unfortunately my life sometimes is very busy, and those kinds of things have to stand aside.
With this post I just want to remind anyone following this Blog, that even when I don’t write new posts, much information is still available.

The actual Videos I often post here are always available via our Youtube channel. Even if I don’t always have time to actully make posts for them here, I always try to make sure they are available directly on YouTube. You find my Channel at:

The current weather, with current data and highs/lows for today and yesterday, are always available right here, on the main web site:

Historical data, prognosis, and a lot more details, are available at my PWS page with Wunderground:

I hope this helps those interested to find the interesting information, even those days when I’m unable to post!