Is the winter finally over?

Well, now I finally have the weather station all set up properly, including the Meteobridge data logger constantly reporting both to this site, to Weather Underground, and saving the data into a local database.

So, perhaps, now the weather can make a turn to the better, finally?
This winter has been one of the coldest, cloudiest and wettest seen here in many years.

“Wettest” is a bit of an exaggeration.  It hasn’t really been that much rain – just that it was basically raining every day, from October to February. Most days not even a measurable amount, maybe 0.2mm, but still there it was, every day.
For two months, in December and January, we hardly saw the sun at all. Mind you – this is on a subtropical island, where – especially in winter – lots of people travel specifically for the sun.
So, not seeing the sun for weeks on end this winter, has been quite exceptional.
Of course, for me, coming originally from Sweden, this winter has been like a quite normal summer in Sweden, but this is Tenerife, not Sweden.

But now, finally, coming into March, spring seems to have come. It’s noticably more comfortable temperatures, and we finally have been getting some sunny days.

I hope it’ll continue. I’m tired of winter.

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