Weather 7 March, 2015 (with video)

Well, today was a rather grey day, but mild.
The humidity was high during the day, around 90% relative humidity, but now in the evening it has dropped to much lower than normal – right now when I look at it, my weather station says 34%, which is extremely low for being here. Normal is around 70%, and it almost never goes below 60%. The temperature which usually drops significantly in the evening didn’t drop below 18 °C, and now it’s increasing again, and just passed 19 °C, increasing with a 10th of a degree every minute or so for the last few minutes.
But this is obviously a case of “Calima” – hot, dusty air coming from the Sahara desert. It happens once in a while, more common in the summer, but happens now in winter too.
In winter it usually means cloudy weather, since the dust acts as condensation nuclei in the humid air. In the summer it usually means it’s quite hazy, but here in the north of Tenerife it’s usually not so much dust so you get troubled by it, unless you are very sensitive.
“Calima” is also often accomanied by strong winds, but right now it’s almost calm. But the forcast for tomorrow afternoon is for stronger winds, up to 70 km/h (about 20 m/s, or 44 mph). Not that bad, though.

Video is recorded in 720P HD, so you can watch it in full screen.
All our “Weather” videos are recorded in 720P HD, and our “Sunset” videos are recorded in 1080P Full HD.

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