Weather 8 March, 2015 (with video)

So, as posted earlier, the weather this day was dominated by “Calima“.
In the first half of the day the haze was so dense, it looked almost like overcast. In the afternoon it cleared up slightly, and we had a blue sky.
It was very windy all day; it started just a few minutes after midnight, and the strongests winds were between 3 and 6 am, with gusts up to 21 m/s (75 kph, or 47 mph), but it continued with strong winds all day, and we still have gusts up to around 10 m/s now at 9 pm when I write this.
The temperatures has been by far the highest this year, reaching 24.8 °C just before 2 pm. (My regular termometer outside in the shade showed over 27 °C, but I suppose I have to trust the calibrated termometer in the weather station, ideally situated away from heat reflecting surfaces, in a specially designed aspirated radiation shield.)
Now at 9 pm, it’s still about 20 °C.
Humidity has been extremely low, down to only 17% Relative Humidity for a while, and stayed below 20 for most of the day. Now in the evening it’s slowly rising again, with 25% now at 9 pm.
I fee it’s very dry, getting dry hands and feel it in my trhouat and nose, and my lips gets dry too.

The video is recorded in 720P HD, so you can watch it in full screen.
All our “Weather” videos are recorded in 720P HD, and our “Sunset” videos are recorded in 1080P Full HD.

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