Weather Video, 3 April

I wasn’t able to post this last night, but here is comes…
It seems the sunny weather is gone for this time, and we are back to the cloudy days again, with no real warmth. Not spring-like at all, for being here in Tenerife. (Oh, back in Sweden where I come from, this would be normal “summer” weather, but this is Tenerife, and we are used to a bit warmer and more sun this time of year.)
We didn’t see the sun all day yesterday, and reached a high of 19.2 °C in mid-afternoon. Today has even been a couple of degrees cooler, but more about that when I post the video for 4 April.

The video is recorded in 720P HD, so you can watch it in full screen.
All our “Weather” videos are recorded in 720P HD, and our “Sunset” videos are recorded in 1080P Full HD.

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