Weather Video, 29 March

First day after switching to daylight savings time here, so the videos are later… I don’t think I’ll be able to continue posting them the same day, since the videos can’t be created until after sunset, an the processing of the videos takes a fair bit of time.
The day started our beautifully, and we finally got some sun, but in the afternon it clouded over again, and it got chilly… I still wonder when we’ll get a real sunny day; We are way overdue for some warmer weather!
But before the sun disappeared in clouds again we reached a high of 20.8°C. Barometer is steady, at approximately 1026 hPa.
Tomorrow is again forcasted to be sunny… But given the accuracy of the forcasts lately, I don’t really beleive it until I see it.
Heavy clouds in the eventing today, so no sunset video today.

The video is recorded in 720P HD, so you can watch it in full screen.
All our “Weather” videos are recorded in 720P HD, and our “Sunset” videos are recorded in 1080P Full HD.

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