Weather Video, 30 March

Finally… today we had a beautiful, sunny day.
It started off early morning with a mini-“Calima“, quite windy, and temperatures ocer 20 %deg;C already at 5-6 in the morning. We actually reached the highest temperature, 24.5 %deg;C, already at 10:10 in the morning. Considering that’s actually 9:10 but the “standard” time, and in fact something around “8:00” by the correct “solar” time (since the Canary Islands in fact are in the incorrect time zone, in relation to the sun), it was a bit strange to have the highest temperature so early in the morning. But the rest of the day was by no means cool, with brilliant sunchine, almost 1000 W/sq.m Solar Radiation, and – put on sunblock! – a UV index reaching 10.0, the day felt really hot. The solar radiotion helped our pool to heat up from about 18 °C in early morning, to about 24 °C in the late afternoon, causing some family members, and guests, to take their first swim for the year.
Barometer remains steady, at about 1026 hPa.

The day was rounded off by a beautiful sunset.

The video is recorded in 720P HD, so you can watch it in full screen.
All our “Weather” videos are recorded in 720P HD, and our “Sunset” videos are recorded in 1080P Full HD.

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